Keep you going guarantee

Keep you going guarantee

5 Year keep you going guarantee

At Ultro Plant & Equipment, we stand behind SANY’s Internationally known reputation for quality and reliability and back it up with Ultro’s 5 YEAR KEEP YOU GOING Guarantee across the 1.6 – 5 Tonne range. 

Hear from Matt Lynch, Managing Director and Founder of Ultro Group & Ultro Plant and Equipment, on why Ultro stands behind its Sany products:    

What's Guaranteed?

To KEEP YOU GOING, Ultro offers:

24-Hour support for 5 years

In the event of a breakdown during the warranty period, Ultro can provide rapid on-site service to get your machine back to work as soon as possible

If on-site repair is not possible, Ultro will quickly arrange a like-for-like replacement at no cost while your machine is repaired under warranty

In the case of misplaced keys, Ultro offers spare key quick-dispatch service.

For full terms and conditions of our KEEP YOU GOING Guarantee, ask our team.

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