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Manufactured to the highest standards of technology, quality, reliability and priced extremely competitively, it is little wonder that the POWERPLUS brand worldwide is so well received.

POWERPLUS’ range of equipment comes from the highest design standards from their R&D hub in California, USA. They are obsessed with innovation, quality, durability, reliability and usage efficiency and incorporate the best of American, European and Japanese technologies, designs and workmanship into their equipment to achieve this.

POWERPLUS has established their brand in many regions globally, and its long history and notable presence are renowned in a long list of countries around the world.

Ultro Plant & Equipment are proud to represent the POWERPLUS range across Australia exclusively. We look forward to forming ‘Keep You Going’ partnerships with businesses that want to harness the POWERPLUS range of equipment performance, reliability and economic advantage through Ultro Plant & Equipment.

POWERPLUS’ extensive range is rolling out in Australia with Ultro Plant & Equipment, with more to come soon. Right now, feast your business needs on this range: