Sany SY750H Large Excavator

LARGE Excavators | 76 Tonne

$670 000 GST Excluded

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Isuzu 6WG1




4 year / 8000 hour

The SANY SY750H has been designed for maximum productivity under continuous stress. The machine’s sturdy design and special extendible chassis result in outstanding stability.

Quick Details

Super adaptation

More than 20 kinds of optional working deivices, good protection of the engine with multiple filtration system, independent oil radiator to keep proper working temperature.

Longer lifetime

By comprehensive testing system, the designed lifetime reaches 25000 hours, 15% less pressure of key compents compared with 40 tonage models, but 30% longer lifetime.

Low maitenance cost

Much more convenient maintenance operation, durable oil and filters to make longer maitenance period, 50% less expense.

Model: Isuzu 6WG1
Rated power: 377 kW/1800 rpm
Travel speed: 2.9\4.5 km/h
Slewing speed: 8rpm
Fuel tank: 940 L
Engine coolant: 70 L
Engine oil: 57 L

Maximum Digging Height: 11200 mm
Maximum Dumping Height:  7250 mm
Maximum Digging Depth: 7620 mm
Maximum Vertical Wall Digging Depth: 4320 mm
Maximum Digging Reach: 12050 mm
Minimum Swing Radius: 5520 mm
Maximum Height at Minimum Swing Radius: 9780 mm


Overall length: 12865 mm Overall width: 4320 mm Overall height: 4855 mm Upper width: 3640 mm Track length: 5865 mm Track gauge: 2780 mm Tail swing radius: 4220 mm Min.Ground Clearance: 880 mm Track shoe width: 650 mm Boom length: 7000 mm Bucket arm length: 3000 mm Bucket capacity: 4.6 m³

Track length: 5865 mm
Track gauge: 2780 mm
Tail swing radius: 4220 mm
Min. Ground Clearance: 880 mm
Track shoe width: 650 mm

Operating Weight: 76200kg

Bucket Capacity: 4.2m3

Engine rated Power: 377kW

Travel Speed: 4.5/2.9km/h

Swing Speed: 7.3rpm

gradeability: 70%/35°

ground pressure: 100kPa

bucket digging force: 402kN

arm digging force: 345kN











Mini Excavators | 3.8 Tonne

$58,003 +GST


Yanmar 3TNV88F


3855 kg


5 year / 5000 hour

The SY35U pays for itself. A versatile workhorse, it is a future-proof investment in performance, reliability and productivity. With a complete package of comprehensive technology, developed for maximum profitability.

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