Sany SY80U Medium Excavator

MEDIUM Excavators | 8.8 Tonne

$99 000 GST Excluded

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5 year / 5000 hour

Whether during large-scale loading work or work in confined spaces – the SANY SY80U short-tail-swing excavator can do its job optimally anywhere. This machine is perfect for tasks in inner-city areas or in landscaping.

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From the ROPS- and FOPS-certified driver‘s cab to the wide field of vision for the operator to the standard safety valves and the lockable protective hood – the SY80U doesn‘t cut corners when it comes to safety. Right down to the smallest detail – even safety valves and cylinder covers are, as with the LED working lights, provided ex works as standard. This is also the case for maintenance and service – rotating or hot engine components are protected against inadvertent contact.

The standard LED working lights don‘t only illuminate the night like the day, but also counter the harsh conditions to which the SY80U is subject in its daily work. The reliable YANMAR drive unit complies with the latest emission standards and is inconspicuously hidden in the tail of the machine. All important service points are easily accessible. The electronic fan control ensures a minimal level of noise emissions and reduced fuel consumption. Meticulous machining and robot-controlled welded seams, accurate to the millimetre, also contribute to this. This gives track shoes, connections, bottom rollers etc. their extremely long service life.


Type: Water-cooled, 4 cylinder, with commonrail and DPF

Exhaust emissions: Stage V

Rated power: 53.7 kW / 2100 rpm

Max. torque: 290 Nm / 1350 rpm

Displacement: 3318 ccm

Batteries: 1 x 12 V / 120 Ah

A. Max. digging reach 7 290 mm

B. Max. digging depth 4 535 mm

C. Max. digging height 7 315 mm

D. Max. dumping height 5 430 mm

E. Min. dumping height 1 915 mm

F. Max. vertical digging depth 2 490 mm

G. Overall height over arm by min. swing radius 5 490 mm

H. Arm head distance with work equipment retracted as far as possible 2 080 mm

I. Swing radius by max. boomswing (L) 4510 mm

Swing radius by max. boomswing (R) 4670 mm

Min. swing radius  2435 mm

J. Max. clearance when blade up 480 mm

K. Max. depth of blade down 325 mm

L. Offset boom (L) 636 mm

Offset boom (R) 740 mm

Max. boom-swing angle (L) 65°

Max. boom-swing angle (R) 51°

A. Transport length 6500 mm

B. Transport width 2220 mm

C. Upperstructure carriage 2150 mm

D. Height over cabin/ROPS 2550 mm

E. Height of Boom – transport 2220 mm

F. Overall length of crawler 2915 mm

G. Tail length 1480 mm

H. Track gauge 1750 mm

I. Undercarriage width (blade) 2200 mm

J. Horizontal distance to blade 2080 mm

K. Blade height 450 mm

L. Track height 660 mm

M. Track pads width 450 mm

N. Min. ground clearance 365 mm

O. Counterweight clearance 745 mm

P. Engine cover height 1880 mm

Q. Tail swing radius 1480 mm

R. Center distance of tumblers 2 315 mm

Rubber tracks 

Steel tracks (opt)

Holes/loops for fixing 

Swingspeed 10 rpm

Max. travel speed High 4.5 km/h, slow 2.5 km/h

Max. travel force 70 kN

Gradeability 35°

Bucket capacity 0.28 m2

Groundpressure 0.38 kg/cm2

Bucket digging force ISO 72.7 kN

Arm digging force ISO 40.5 kN

Mainpump variable-piston-pump;

Load sensing control

Max. oilflow 193.2 l/min

Travelmotor Variable displacement axial piston motor

Swingmotor Axial piston motor

Max. oilflow (AUX 1) 100 l/min

Max. oilflow (AUX 2) 70 l/min


Mini Excavators | 3.8 Tonne

$58,003 +GST


Yanmar 3TNV88F


3855 kg


5 year / 5000 hour

The SY35U pays for itself. A versatile workhorse, it is a future-proof investment in performance, reliability and productivity. With a complete package of comprehensive technology, developed for maximum profitability.

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