Sany SY16C Mini Excavator

Mini Excavators | 1.7 Tonne

$28 000 GST Excluded

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Price is for base model only. Speak to our sales team about tailored packages including quick hitch and jewellery.


Yanmar 3TNV80F




5 year / 5000 hour

With an upper width of only 980 mm, the SANY SY16C can easily drive through narrow passages and spaces, especially with the 1600 kg weight, making the transportation more easily between different sites. The short tail swing is also ideal for tight job sites and confined spaces.

Quick Details

Precise handling, quick reactions, fatigue-free operation – the controls of the SY16C are designed for ergonomic handling. Designed for everyday use, all switches are easy to reach. Joysticks transmit movements directly and precisely. The digital display is clear and easy to read and shows the most important data at a glance. Using the small wheel in the joystick, the proportional function of the auxiliary control circuit can be easily controlled with the thumb.

Model: Yanmar 3TNV80F

Type: Water-cooled four-stroke diesel engine with turbulence chamber fuel injection

Exhaust emissions: Stage V

Rated power: 14.6 kW / 2 400 rpm
Max. torque: 64.7 Nm / 1 800 rpm
Displacement: 1 267 ccm
Batteries: 1x 12 V / 55 Ah

A. Max. digging reach 4 000 mm
B. Max. digging depth 2 360 mm
C. Max. digging height 3 665 mm
D. Max. dumping height 2 635 mm
E. Min. dumping height 795 mm
F. Max. vertical digging depth 2 215 mm
G. Overall height over arm by min. swing radius 2 745 mm
H. Arm head distance with work equipment retracted as far as possible 1 655 mm
I. Swing radius by max. boomswing (L) 1420 mm
Swing radius by max. boomswing (R) 1435 mm
Min. swing radius 1705 mm
J. Max. clearance when blade up 310 mm
K. Max. depth of blade down 320 mm
L. Offset boom (L) 595 mm ; Offset boom (R) 350 mm
Max. boom-swing angle (L) 73°
Max. boom-swing angle (R) 46°

A. Transport length 3 575 mm
B. Transport width 980/1 350 mm
C. Upperstructure carriage 980 mm
D. Height over cabin/ROPS 2 420 mm
E. Height of Boom – transport 1 175 mm
F. Overall length of crawler 1 585 mm
G. Tail length 900 mm
H. Track gauge 750/1 120 mm
I. Undercarriage width (blade) 980/1 350 mm
J. Horizontal distance to blade 1 140 mm
K. Blade height 280 mm
L. Track height 375 mm
M. Track pads width 230 mm
N. Min. ground clearance 180 mm
O. Counterweight clearance 470 mm
P. Engine cover height 1 275 mm
Q. Tail swing radius 920 mm
R. Center distance of tumblers 1 220 mm

Telescopic thread

Rubber tracks (opt)

Cover on shield cylinder (opt)

Holes/loops for fixing

Swingspeed 10 rpm

Max. travel speed High 3.8 km/h, slow 2.2 km/h

Max. travel force 15.6 kN

Bucket capacity 0.04 m³

Groundpressure 0.29 kg/cm² / 0.31 kg/cm²

Gradeability 30°

Bucket digging force ISO 15.2 kN

Arm digging force ISO 9.2 kN


Swing brake

2 speed travel

Piping for additional hydraulic function AUX 1

Hydr. Pre-pressure operating joysticks


Sany SY16C Mini Excavator REVIEW

SY16C Sany Ultro Plant And Equipment


The SY16C has powerful excavation, low fuel consumption and small tail swing radius ensuring you will be in control in tight spaces


Mini Excavators | 3.8 Tonne

$58,003 +GST


Yanmar 3TNV88F


3855 kg


5 year / 5000 hour

The SY35U pays for itself. A versatile workhorse, it is a future-proof investment in performance, reliability and productivity. With a complete package of comprehensive technology, developed for maximum profitability.

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