Sany SY26U Mini Excavator

Mini Excavators | 2.7 Tonne

$43 900 GST Excluded

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Price is for base model only. Speak to our sales team about tailored packages including quick hitch and jewellery.


Yanmar 3TNV80F




5 year / 5000 hour

The new SY26U boasts a whole host of properties that allow you to make crucial savings. These include, for example, the advanced load-sensing hydraulic system designed to improve speed and performance whilst simultaneously reducing fuel consumption.

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Safety, comfort, ergonomics… this cockpit has everything you need to make your day-to-day work more convenient and simple. This starts when you enter the cab, which you can do comfortably and safely. And after that? Handling is simply effortless. Not only because the interior has a carefully considered ergonomic design but also because it offers you a lot of scope to respond. It is also convenient and comfortable thanks to the perfectly designed ventilation system and full seating comfort, due to the seat suspension. In addition, all displays can be read effortlessly on the large, high-resolution colour screen, while the wide field of view provides you with perfect visibility on all sides.

The two auxiliary control circuits allow the adaptation of various attachment devices. This means tilt buckets can also be attached in addition to the backhoe, in the case of fully integrated control. As two auxiliary control circuits are available, operating gripper tongs is no problem at all; the gripper tongs can be turned using one side of the joystick, and can be opened and closed using the other. Of course, it is also possible to operate a hammer, thanks to the standard hammer valve. This means you and the machine can be ready for any application.

Typ Water-cooled three-stroke diesel engine
with turbulence chamber fuel injection
Exhaust emissions Stage V
Rated power 15.2 kW / 2 500 rpm
Max. torque 65.6 Nm / 1 793 rpm
Displacement 1 267 ccm
Batteries 1 × 12 V / 60 Ah

A. Max. digging reach 4850 mm
B. Max. digging depth 2820 mm
C. Max. digging height 4410 mm
D. Max. dumping height 3100 mm
E. Min. dumping height 940 mm
F. Max. vertical digging depth 2585 mm
G. Overall height over arm by min. swing radius 3200 mm
H. Arm head distance with work equipment retracted as far as possible 1490 mm
I. Swing radius by max. boomswing (L) 1760 mm
Swing radius by max. boomswing (R) 1795 mm
Min. swing radius 2110 mm
J. Max. clearance when blade up 360 mm
K. Max. depth of blade down 380 mm
L. Offset boom (L) 765 mm
Offset boom (R) 508 mm
Max. boom-swing angle (L) 67°
Max. boom-swing angle (R) 45°

A. Transport length 4285 mm
B. Transport width 1550 mm
C. Upperstructure carriage 1375 mm
D. Height over cabin/ROPS 2430 mm
E. Height of Boom – transport 1620 mm
F. Overall length of crawler 2005 mm
G. Tail length 775 mm
H. Track gauge 1 250 mm
I. Undercarriage width (blade) 1550 mm
J. Horizontal distance to blade 1295 mm
K. Blade height 300 mm
L. Track height 445 mm
M. Track pads width 300 mm
N. Min. ground clearance 290 mm
O. Counterweight clearance 555 mm
P. Engine cover height 1 460 mm
Q. Tail swing radius 775 mm
R Center distance of tumblers 1 560 mm

Boom length 2100 mm
Arm length 1300 mm
Bottomrollers 3
Rotation device Axial piston motor with planetary gear running in oil bath and single-row slewing ring. Spring-loaded slewing gear parking brake, hydraulically released.
Undercarriage: Reinforced lower structure with larger dimensions. Welded drive frame in box design made of special material. Side frame welded to the drive frame.

Swingspeed 10 rpm
Max. travel speed High 4.5 km/h, slow 2.6 km/h
Max. travel force 20 kN
Gradeability 0.06 m³
Bucket capacity 0.26 kg/cm²
Groundpressure 25°
Bucket digging force ISO 27.9 KN
Arm digging force ISO 14.2 KN

Mainpump Variable displacement axial piston pump
Max. oilflow 81 l/min
Max. oilflow (AUX 1) 42.5 l/min
Max. oilflow (AUX 2) 42.5 l/min
Travelmotor Variable displacement axial piston motor
Rotation device Axial piston motor with
parking brake

Sany SY26U Mini Excavator REVIEW

SY26U Sany Ultro Plant And Equipment


The SY26U is a joy to use, it versatile get’s into tight spaces and can handle load outs onto a large truck. 

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Mini Excavators | 3.8 Tonne

$58,003 +GST


Yanmar 3TNV88F


3855 kg


5 year / 5000 hour

The SY35U pays for itself. A versatile workhorse, it is a future-proof investment in performance, reliability and productivity. With a complete package of comprehensive technology, developed for maximum profitability.

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